International citizens from outside of the European Union who wish to study in the UK must obtain a UK student visa before they can begin their education in the country. The majority of students will require a Tier 4 UK student visa, which you will only be eligible for if your chosen institution is on the list of UKBA trusted sponsors.

International students can apply for their student visa up to three months before the start of their course date once you have been offered an unconditional place, and some universities will actually help you with the application process.

The UK student visa requirements are determined using a points-based system. In order to satisfy the criteria for successful entry you will need the following;

  • Detailed passport information
  • Recent photograph
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) document from your chosen institution
  • Proof of English language fluency via IELTS with UKVI
  • Evidence you can support yourself financially throughout your stay in the UK, and pay for your course fees and accommodation.
  • Details of your academic qualifications

Additional requirements in obtaining a student visa may include biometric tests, virtual or physical interviews, and proof you have obtained certain medical vaccinations depending on your origin country.

Whilst the information required may seem complex the process is actually very straightforward. If you need help meeting the criteria of your student visa application, or you simply require advice on the application process itself, contact Whitehall Education today for expert advice.

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